Game Overview

is a cooperative card game.  Together you win, or together you lose.  The Chump has committed 5 scandals and deserves to be dumped.  Your team’s mission: Expose all 5 scandals before you reach the bottom of the Draw Pile, or the Chump will win.

Dump the Chump

indicates the number of Expose cards needed for a single player to expose it.  For example, to expose the Billionaire Tax Break scandal (a #2 scandal as shown), one player must collect two  Expose Billionaire Tax  Break cards.

Each scandal's number

a #3 scandal, one player must collect 3  Expose The Wall cards, and so on.  There are 4 Expose cards for each scandal in the deck.

To expose "The Wall" scandal

allow players to give, take, or trade cards in pursuit of exposing scandals.  Once a player has collected the required cards, they can expose the scandal on their turn by placing the Expose cards on top of the scandal card.

Action cards

before the end of the Draw Pile is reached, or the Chump will win.  Watch out for Chump Attacks and Scandal Cover-Ups!  Solid teamwork is needed to Dump the Chump!

All 5 scandals must be exposed