Game Overview

Dump the Chump

is a cooperative card game.  Together you win, or together you lose.  The Chump has committed 5 scandals and deserves to be dumped.  Your team’s mission: Expose all 5 scandals before you reach the bottom of the Draw Pile, or the Chump will win.

Each scandal's number

indicates the number of Expose cards needed for a single player to expose it.  For example, to expose the Billionaire Tax Break scandal (a #2 scandal as shown), one player must collect two  Expose Billionaire Tax  Break cards.

To expose "The Wall" scandal

a #3 scandal, one player must collect 3  Expose The Wall cards, and so on.  There are 4 Expose cards for each scandal in the deck.

Action cards

allow players to give, take, or trade cards in pursuit of exposing scandals.  Once a player has collected the required cards, they can expose the scandal on their turn by placing the Expose cards on top of the scandal card.

All 5 scandals must be exposed

before the end of the Draw Pile is reached, or the Chump will win.  Watch out for Chump Attacks and Scandal Cover-Ups!  Solid teamwork is needed to Dump the Chump!