Frequently asked questions

How do I purchase Dump the Chump?

Dump the Chump is currently available through Drive Thru Cards for $17.76. Search "Old Bean Games" and you'll find our full product line. Drive Thru Cards offers "print-on-demand" services. When you place an order, they print your deck and then mail it to you in approximately 10 days. Shipping and mailing is added to the cost of a deck, and runs roughly $4.00 to U.S. residents depending on shipping mode.

Where can I purchase Dump the Chump merch?

The Dump the Chump Market is here! We sell buttons, magnets, yard signs, bumper stickers, and more through Cafe Press. Go to, and search on Dump the Chump or other politically-based terms.

Is the Dump the Chump card game suitable for children?

Yes! We listed the ages as 10+, but have played the game with younger strategists as well. Some scandals may raise questions, such as the "Sexual Misconduct" scandal in the Presidential Edition. A youngster may ask what this means, opening the door for discussion. Understanding the meaning behind a scandal is not needed, however, to have fun playing the game.

Who is Old Bean?

Old Bean Games, LLC is dedicated to developing fun games while raising awareness to combat the most pressing challenges of our times. We are a non-partisan company dedicated foremost to exposing deeds that undermine democracy, degrade individuals, or harm our earth's environment.